how set start new job and get children into daycare?
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2009-08-24 07:29:17 UTC
this might seem like a silly question to some of you guys but ive had temporary jobs before and my grandparents watched 2 kids. but now they aren't able to watch them while i work so ive got to bring them to a daycare or babysitter. so my question is, im starting to apply for jobs again, when do i start searching and setting up daycare? ive never been through this process before. also, do you pay daycare right away, or at the end of the month? how does that usually work?
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2009-08-24 07:45:53 UTC
I pay advance for my baby's daycare. I would begin your search now and be sure to interview the teachers so you can find some that you like / trust. Also, get on several waiting lists, just to be sure. In my area, there are some with really long waits.

Good luck!
2009-08-24 07:53:17 UTC
It can take awhile to find the right child care setting so I suggest you begin now, before you have your job lined up. You will have 3 basic choices for child care. You won't want a "babysitter" as that is a teenager who cares for your children on an occassional basis at your home while you go out. What you want is a child care provider who provides care in her home or a child care center. Another option is a "nanny" or a person who comes to your home to care for your children. To find child care homes or centers you can begin with your yellow pages. From there you can also look online. You can do a search for something such as "child care" followed by the name of your town or county. Look in your yellow pages under "Child Care Referral Services" to see if your area has an organization that helps parents find child care. Where I live, the organization is called Child Care Network. It keeps a data base of all licensed facilities in our county. Parents can call and get a list of homes and centers that currently have openings and meet the criteria you need. I have been a licensed child care provider in my home for 22 years plus I am mom to 4. You will want to make a lot of phone calls and have interviews over the phone than make appointments to visit each facility. It can take quite a lot of phone calls and numerous visits before finding the option that is right for you and your children. Payment options are individual to each facility. Some homes and centers require you to pay ahead while others don't. I do not have a set payment schedule for my daycare. I prefer to work with each family individually and set up the payment plan that works best for them. Some pay weekly, some every other week. I've even had a few families who pay monthly. I charge after the care has taken place. Many daycare centers charge in advance, though. Daycare homes aren't necessarily that way. There are several websites with helpful suggestions on how to search for child care and what questions you should ask. Do a search for "How to find good child care" and you should find several web sites with good information.
2016-04-07 11:20:22 UTC
Could the quality of care in your household really be that emotionally impoverished that you think your first daughter and now your 10 week old son will actually benefit from being in daycare? It's well documented that children starting daycare before the age of 6 months old suffer developmentally and are likely to have reduced capacity for life. You are trying to justify your decisions by finding other moms who also put their newborn into childcare? It hurts your heart but in the end you are very ready to have your career started? Incredible. Wow... daycare is a great social and academic setting for children of all ages? I sometimes like to read something which is referred to as, "scientific evidence" before I make ridiculous assumptions and statements.
2009-08-24 07:40:31 UTC
You almost always pay up front. Every Monday they'll expect a payment from you. Some places are much more flexible than others. You can ask. You should start looking for daycares NOW.

Be sure to ask about part-time/full-time, student:teacher ratios, ask if meals are served, is the place fire-proof, look up any and all complaints about that center on the department of social services website, ask for references, talk to other parents who send their kids there, search online for center reviews from other families, ask how they handle discipline.

Be sure to spend at least as much time, if not more time finding a daycare for them as you will finding a job for yourself. They're going to be there all day and if they're very young, they won't even be able to tell you what really goes on.
LYNN in FL (suspended @#*%)
2009-08-24 07:43:01 UTC
You pay daycare in advance. You pay every monday morning for the entire week.

You set up day care before you have a job.

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